Cotton canvas [T052] / 純棉帆布

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It is woven with multi-strand cotton thread and has a plain surface. It is suitable for the production of canvas bags and pillows and other household items.
Gray / sapphire / purple print may have a large color difference. If you have a high requirement on the color, it is recommended to consult customer service using professional color service. Chemical fiber HKD $175/draft. Natural HKD $350/draft.

Material/: Cotton

Content/ : 100% Cotton

Weight/ : 260g

Width : 1.45m

Fabrics : Plain woven 


採用多股棉線織成,表面為平紋,適用於製作帆布包以及抱枕等家居用品。 印花色牢度3.5級乾濕摩擦。 灰色/寶藍/紫色印花可能存在較大色差,如對顏色要求較高,建議諮詢我們使用專業調色服務,化學纖維HKD $175/稿,天然HKD $350稿。

材質:  棉
內容:  100% 棉
重量:  260克 
幅寬:  1.45 米
布料:  平紋梭織

 Price 價錢: 

打印價格 = 面料費 + 打印費

0~10m 11~100m 101~500m 501~1000m 1000 m+
115元/米 102元/米 92元/米 85元/米 73元/米


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