Custom Labels and Samples

After clients have decided on the style, fabric and service, you can refer to the following materials and formulate different labels.


Main Label

The main label can be made by woven label or printed label.

Woven Label



Printed Label



Main labels can also include other information such as size, composition, cleaning methods, etc.



Size Tag

If the customers do not have special requests, we generally use the preset size label.

Preset size label

Other samples



Washing Label

Clients can add in some information in the washing label. If there are not any special request,  washing labels generally include the following four information: 

1. Brand

2. Component

3. Place of production

4. Washing method


Wishing label is made by printed label, clients can choose the material of the label such as nylon, cotton and satin.










Hem Tag

Hem tag is a brand label that sew in the side of sleeve or edge of the clothing.

Sample of Hem Tag






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