OEM 代工生產服務

OEM 代工生產服務

If you don't find what you're looking for in our online catalog, you may want to consider placing an OEM private label order. Since we specialize in organic cotton from farming to manufacturing, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to custom orders in organic cotton, including the ability to use custom fabrics, colors, patterns, cutting and stitching. Your custom products can be based on one of our existing products, or we can design something specifically for you.

Please visit our fabrics library at www.mecilla.com.


Made in Hong Kong

"Made in Hong Kong" is our special program to do cut-and-sew private label in our Hong Kong factory. All can be customized to your specification, colors, designs & patterns. Plus we can do small quantity just just about 200pcs. The production would be carried out in our sewing workshop in Hong Kong. 


Samples 樣本

With each private label order, you will receive a sample before we start full production. We will not begin production until you are completely satisfied with, and have approved, your sample.


Minimum Order Size 最低起定量

When placing a cut and sew order minimums will be based on the style being ordered. Each style/fabric will have different minimums. The average minimum for a custom order will be between 300-1,000 pieces per style, 100-300 per size. 


Custom Colors 定制顏色
We can produce any style in virtually any color - all we need is a fabric swatch or Pantone™ swatch. You will typically receive your lab dip sample 1-2 weeks after placing your order, and your final production fabric two weeks after approving your sample. When ordering a custom color we require the customer to order in full lots and the customer is required to consume everything that is produced from the fabric.We will not store any custom fabric.

我們可以生產任何顏色 - 我們需要的是一個布樣或Pantone™樣本。您通常在下單後1-2週內會收到您的染色布樣,獲得您的批准後,最終生產面料需時2-4個星期。當訂購一個定制顏色,我們要求客戶染缸起定量需要,客戶並需要消耗所有布料, 我們不會為客戶存儲任何定製材料。

Turnaround Time 生產週期

You will typically receive your sample 7-10 days business after placing your order, and your complete order 4-6 weeks after approving your sample.



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