Hang tags / 掛牌

Hang tags / 掛牌

Hang tags are other ways to identify your brand. They can be die cut into different shapes and stand out when they are on display.

We can print hang tags on different materials such as paper, transparent plastic sheets, cotton fabric and silicone and we can also provide tags that made by 100% cotton Recycled Paper. Your logo can be embossed on the custom made toggles. We have a variety of strings and ribbons in different colours to string the hang tags. 

掛牌是識別品牌的其他方式。 它們可以被切割成不同的形狀,並在陳列時突出品牌。
我們可以不同的物料所製的掛牌,例如紙張、透明塑料板、棉織物和矽膠。我們更可以提供由100%再生棉紙所製成的掛牌。您的徽標可以壓印在定制的切面上。  我們有各種不同顏色的繩子和緞帶來串起掛牌。 



100% cotton Recycled Paper / 100%再生棉紙

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