Custom Labels and Samples / 標籤制定及樣本

After clients have decided on the style, fabric and service, you can refer to the following materials and formulate different labels.



Main Label / 主標籤


The main label can be made by woven label or printed label.

Woven Label / 編織標籤 



Printed Label / 印刷標籤



Main labels can also include other information such as size, composition, cleaning methods, etc.




Size Tag / 尺碼標籤 

If the customers do not have special requests, we generally use the preset size label.


Preset size label / 預設的尺碼標籤

Other samples / 其他例子



Washing Label / 洗水標籤

Clients can add in some information in the washing label. If there are not any special request,  washing labels generally include the following four information :

客人可以加入其他資訊在洗水標籤中,如無特別要求,洗水標籤一般都會包括以下四項資料 : 

1. Brand / 品牌

2. Component / 成份

3. Place of production / 產地

4. Washing method / 清洗方式


Wishing label is made by printed label, clients can choose the material of the label such as nylon, cotton and satin.


Nylon / 尼龍 : 


Cotton / 棉 : 



Satin / 緞紋 :



Hem Tag / 摺邊標籤 (腳嘜)

Ham tag is a brand label that sew in the side of sleeve or edge of the clothing.

摺邊標籤 (腳嘜) 是縫在衣服的袖子或邊緣的一種品牌標籤。

Sample of Hem Tag / 摺邊標籤 (腳嘜)樣本 







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