Q1: How to get a quote?

Q2: When will a quote be given?

Q3: What is the order process?

Q4: What graphic format is required?

Q5: How many digital graphic files you need to provide?

Q6: What is transparent background?

Q7: What is the normal printable area?

Q8: How long do we keep your graphic record?

Q9: Do you supply eco-friendly trims & packaging





Q1: How to get a quote?

Use the ADD TO QUOTE button on the products page, and provide a digital design of your print.

Alternatively, you may email the information below to info@mecilla.com to get a quote now.

  1. T-shirt style no., color, size and quantity (please choose from our online catalogue in this website under "Brands" or "Styles")
  2. Attachments of your graphic design
  3. Size and print area of your graphic eg. at the front or back
  4. Your contact name and telephone number
  5. Delivery address for shipping: if fulfillment service is required (i.e. shipping to your client(s)) please provide delivery address(es) of your client(s)
  6. (optional) Any other services required

問題1: 如何取得報價?

使用產品頁面上的"添加到報價" ADD TO QUOTE按鈕,並提供印花設計

也可以发送電子郵件到 info@mecilla.com 取得報價, 而詳細所需資料如下:

  1. T 恤樣板編號、顏色、尺寸及數量 (細節可以到我們網站中的「品牌」或「款式」選擇)
  2. 您的圖形設計檔案
  3. 圖形的尺寸及印刷範圍, 如正面或背面
  4. 您的連絡名稱和電話號碼
  5. 所需送貨地址:如需要代寄服務 ( 即送貨到您的顧客) 請提供您顧客的送貨地址
  6. 任何其他所需服務

Q2: When will a quote be given?

Upon receiving your information, we will send you the quote within 24-48 hours on a business day. 

問題2: 何時獲得報價?

當收到您的資料後 , 我們將在24 – 48小時內的工作天, 把報價單發送到您的電子郵件。

Q3: What is the order process?

Orders can only be accepted under the following terms and conditions:


Prior to ordering, as a purchaser, you are responsible to ensure that your account is current and in good standing. Order form or purchase order may be submitted to Hitprint by email, fax, mail or in person, but not verbally. Please ensure the accuracy and completeness of the order form or purchase order and include without limitations, (i) product description, (ii) unit quantity, and (iii) correct shipping address. We reserve the right to request additional information based on the requirements of the purchase. For ordering by:

  • Email: Please email info@mecilla.com
  • Mail: Please send your mail to:
             Mecilla Ltd
              Unit 02, 12/F, Fook Yip Building, 53-57 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
  • In Person: Please come to our Kwai Fong office open Monday-Friday between 09:00-18:00.

After review of your order, our customer relations colleague will either confirm the order or notify you of any necessary revisions. You will receive an email  confirmation within two business days. All additions to an existing order will be considered a new order and written as a new purchase order.

Please call us free and speak with one of our customer relations colleague at (+852) 2615 0377 for any inquiry.

You shall not disclose any confidential information of Hitprint or Mecilla when ordering.

Confirm Copyright Permission

You are responsible for ensuring full rights to use the graphic and garment design when ordering from Hitprint. If you are unsure or have doubts over ownership, you must confirm ownership or seek permission from the copyright owner. Your utilisation of a design is an agreement to the following:

  • You hold commercial rights to reproduce the design.
  • If for any reason the legal owner of this design contacts Hitprint, they will be directed to you for your sole handling.
  • You understand that illegal use of third party copyright content is a serious offence and can lead to penalties.


All prices are subject to change without notice and will be established at time of order acceptance by Hitprint. Prices for repeat orderss are not guaranteed. We encourage you to check with our customer relations colleague at time of purchase to confirm current pricing.


100% payment is required at time of ordering. You are responsible for payment of any bank transfer fees incurred. We accept payment by:


100% payment is required at time of ordering. You are responsible for payment of any bank transfer fees incurred. We accept payment by:

  1. PayPal Online Payment. Our PayPal account is: tong.yeung@mecilla.com. PayPal payments are subject to extra charge.
  2. Credit Card Online Payment (without PayPal account). We use Stripe to process payments via Visa, Master Card, AE, etc. Credit card payments are subject to extra charge. 
  3. Bank Transfer. T/T – Telegraphic Transfer may be subject to international banking charges borne by the Purchaser. Our Bank Account information for customers outside China is shown as below:
    Beneficiary Name: MECILLA LIMITED
    Account Number: 012-586-0-007807-0
    Account with Bank: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
    Swift Code: BKCHHKHH
    Bank Address: 589 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon Hong Kong
  4. Transferwise
  5. Cash, Company or Personal Cheque (Hong Kong only). Cheques should be crossed and made payable to Mecilla Limited. We do not accept post dated cheques. You will be charge HK$200 service charge for any returned cheque.
  6. FPS (Faster Payment System) (Hong Kong only) : our FPS number is 2617991


All products and services prices appearing in Hitprint website do not include costs of shipping to you or your customers which shall be borne by you separately.

Shipping at the minimum requires 1-2 business days for Hong Kong delivery. Actual delivery time depends on location and your preferred delivery mode.

Orders are not processed on weekends. Partial shipments are accepted.

Please provide the correct address details.

You may request use of a specific carrier. 

All orders are shipped pre-paid unless previously approved for in our credit terms. Processing of credit applications can take approximately one week. Credit approval delays may affect shipment.

For collection orders, orders not picked up within 7 days of order will be restocked with a 5% restocking fee of the total amount. Valid for 1 month only after which Hitprint has the right to decide with the stock.

Cancellation and Revision

All cancellations are subject to Hitprint's approval. Cancellations cannot be accepted on orders for garments and print after production has commenced. Any revisions to orders in process may be subject to a service charge.

Refund Policy

We will not be held responsible for refund once you paid.

Production Tolerance

For custom garments, Hitprint overcuts / undercuts order quantities by approximately 5% in order to prevent shortages / surplus. We normally will charge actual production quantity within the 5% tolerance.

Print Tolerance

2cm print location tolerance in height and width.

Processing of customer supplied materials

We will not be held responsible for loss or damage during processing of any materials which you supply in any circumstances.

Please inform us the information via fax or email and organize your garment/material before your shipment to Hitprint as below:

  • Material description
  • Material quantity of each size and colour with total quantity
  • Number of package shipped
  • Name of shipping company
  • Tracking number
  • Organize the garment by style, size, color and quantity

We will not be held responsible for loss or damage of goods during transit. We suggest shipping items via delivery with tracking to gain proof of delivery and / or a tracking number. You have to bear the responsibility for all shipping and freight charges. Please be noted that these orders may require additional processing time.

Please be advised checking your materials before shipping as we will charge for prior quality check of your materials.

For your own protection, we recommend using our full range of products and services.

問題3: 何為訂單流程?




  • 電子郵件:請發送電子郵件致info@mecilla.com
  • 郵件:請發送郵件至:香港葵涌葵豐街53-57號福業大厦12樓02室Mecilla有限公司
  • 親自來臨:請在我們葵涌辦公室的開放時間前來:週一至週五 09:00 - 18:00。






  • 您擁有商業使用權複製設計。
  • 如果由於某種原因,這個設計的合法擁有者聯繫Hitprint,他們將被引導到您方處理。
  • 您應該理解非法使用第三方版權內容是嚴重的違法行為,並可能導致處罰。





  1. PayPal在線支付: 我們的PayPal賬戶是:tong.yeung@mecilla.com。PayPal付款須付額外收費。
  2. 信用卡在線支付(不包括PayPal帳戶): 我們接受Visa,萬事達卡,美國邁通,Discover,JCB,Solo,和Giropay。信用卡付款有額外收費。請確保所有的付款信息輸入正確。
  3. 現金,公司和個人支票(僅限於香港): 支票必須劃線,付給Mecilla Limited。我們不接受期票。任何被退回的支票你會被收取HK $ 200手續費。
  4. 轉帳:  T / T- 電匯可能會受到由買方承擔的國際銀行費用。我們的銀行帳戶信息顯示如下(香港銀行帳戶)
        5. 轉數快 FPS: 2617991









所有取消的事項都需要得到Hitprint批准。我們不會接受在訂單生產開始後的取消事項。處理訂單時做出的任何修改, 我們都可能會收取服務費。




對於定制服裝, Hitprint 一般訂購多少約5%的量,以防止短缺/盈餘。我們將5%的容差範圍內收取實際生產數量費用。






  • 材質描述
  • 每個尺寸和顏色的材料數量與總數量
  • 包裝出貨的數目
  • 運輸公司的名稱
  • 運輸追蹤號碼
  • 由樣板,尺寸,顏色和數量整理服裝




Q4: What graphic format is required?

  • Colours according to CMYK standard
  • 150 - 300 dpi (we will not accept lower than this dpi to keep the quality)
  • PNG / Tiff / Ai / PSD, 4 types of electronic files only
  • Transparent background (we will print all the color on fabric/t-shirt if you have any color on background)
  • Size of graphic printed will be the same as the size of graphic received
  • Don't leave any white borders (see diagram below)

    問題4: 什麼類形的圖形格式?

    • 圖案顏色統一以CMYK模式為標準
    • 圖案解像度以150-300 dpi 為標準 (我們不會接受比這更低的DPI以保持品質)
    • 圖案格式只收PNG/AI/PSD/TIFF四種
    • 圖案底色一定要透明底 (如果您有任何背景顏色,我們都會將所有顏色打印在布/ 恤上的)
    • 收到的圖案大小要跟印花尺寸一样
    • 收到圖案四邊不要留有空白位 (如下圖所所示)


    Print graphic 10cm x 10cm , below neck 2 inch
    Please provide:

    • 10 cm x 10 cm / transparent background



    • 10厘米 x 10厘米 / 透明背景/

    Customer provided/客戶提供的:



    It will be printed as / 將會印刷成:


    Q5: How many digital graphic files do you need to provide?



    Sample A - Print on 3 t-shirts with SAME GRAPHIC 

    Provide one graphic file is okay, no need send 3 pc same graphic

    例子A - 打印相同圖案在3件T恤上

    提供一個圖案檔便可以, 不用提供3張相同的圖案 


    Sample B - Print on 3 T-shirts with DIFFERENT GRAPHICS 

    Need to provide 3 T-shirts different graphic files, do not provide one graphic.

    例子B - 打印不同圖案在3件T恤上

    需提供3個不同圖案檔, 不要只提供1個圖案



    Q6: What is transparent background?

     問題6: 什麼是背景透明 ?



    Q7: What is the normal printable area?

    Cotton T-shirts typically printable size is up to A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm) and A3 (29.7cm x 42cm). If you have an accurate printing area, please specify the area. If you want to print on sleeves or other special position, please feel free to email us at info@tpassion.com to order.

    問題7: 一般的可印花範圍多大?

    全棉T恤的可印花範圍包括A4以內(21厘米 x 29.7厘米)及A3(29.7厘米x42厘米)。假如你有準確印花範圍, 請特別指出。假如你想印花放到衣袖或其他特別位置印花, 歡迎電郵info@tpassion.com下單。


    Q8: How long do we keep your graphic record?

    Once a customer places an order for digital printing, we will keep your graphic record for 3 months:

    • If you order again with some graphic, no need to send the graphic again.
    • If you order again with different graphic, please send your  new graphic to us.

    問題8: 我們可以把你的圖案記錄保存多久?


    • 如果你有相同圖案想再訂貨,則無需再次發送檔案
    • 如果你有不同圖案想再訂貨,請您再次發送檔案

    Q9: Do you supply eco-friendly trims & packaging?

    Hitprint offers environmentally friendly trims and accessories to complement your certified organic T-shirts. We provide poly bags, hang tags, heat-transfer labels and other trims and accessories according to OEKO TEX and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) standards. Biodegradable bags are also available. Please contact us at info@mecilla.com for further information.


    Hitprint可以為你的有機服裝提供環保的輔料和包裝。我們可以提供符合OEKO TEX 和 GOTS 有機認証的塑料袋,吊牌,熱轉移嘜和其他輔料。生物降解塑料袋也可以提供。歡迎與我們聯系info@mecilla.com。

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