Introduction to Brands 品牌介紹 - Gildan, Prinstar, Krop, American Apparel


Gildan leads a simple and classic style, with a very reasonable price set. Gildan T-shirts covers a range of more than 77 colors, and offers the widest range of colors in the T-shirts industry. Gildan, as the world's second-largest US cotton user, uses 100% pure cotton US manufacturing. Gildan T-shirts are simple, of plain or bright color, good looking and comfortable. From 2008 to 2012, the global annual sales of Gildan have been up to more than 700 million pieces, its products cover across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore and other places. Over the years, Gildan has obtained various support and  recommendation from customers around the world. 

Compared to other brands, Gildan sets at reasonable prices with good looking active-wear style. It is most suitable for retailers and promotional activities.

Gildan的款式簡約,價錢適宜,當中包括超過77種顏色的成衣,為業界擁有最多顏色選擇的同類型公司。作為全球第二大美國棉用戶,使用100%純美國棉製造。而Gildan T恤一直以簡約,無印花純色見稱 ,穿著不但美觀且舒適。2008至2012年間,Gildan的全球年销售更達至 700,000,000 件,其產品遍布美國、加拿大、歐洲、澳洲、日本、新加坡等地,受到眾多客戶的一致推崇。





Printstar is one of the best-selling brands in Japan for over 20 years, and is well-known for its high quality multi-color cotton T-shirts, comfort and high permeability. It is rated No.1 in terms of sales profits in Japanese T-shirts market share. The premium quality fabric and vertical cutting contribute to the steadiness and resistance to deformation of the 100% cotton round-neck T-shirt. Moreover, Printstar uses yarn that has lesser cotton fabric neps, which helps to create smoother and brighter fabrics. The seamless arrangement lowers the chance of deformation and shrinkage of the T-shirts after washing.  

Compared to other brands, Printstar has superb quality and durability. It is an ideal choice for use by designers for those who aim for higher quality.



Organics - mecilla



mecilla is an eco-fashion brand which connects customers with agricultural communities. Krop is made of organic cotton (or pre-organic cotton) and has Fairtrade options.

Its brand originates from the dedication to organic cotton. From farm to manufacturing level, it only uses natural fabrics which are eco-friendly to the environment and inspires consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle. The birth of the brand mecilla is built upon agricultural practices of Mecilla, which is an organic cotton supply chain provider and promoter of bondage between the rural and the urban communities. Without applying any chemical pesticides, groundwater resources and biodiversity can be preserved and ecosystems can be operated in a way to control naturally the risks of insect and disease.

mecilla's organic cottonseed T-shirt is one of featured products. It is made of 100% pre-organic cotton (pre-organic refers to farms in transition to organic farming), comfortable and highly permeable. It requires factories to wash the cotton incompletely in the spinning phase, leaving them small cottonseed particles, so that it can be naturally integrated into the texture of the yarn. It carries a soft and natural texture.

No matter whether in terms of softness, permeability and comfort level, mecilla outranks the others. It can also nourish allergic skin. It is an ideal choice for people who value the importance of environmental friendliness and those who have sensitive skin.

mecilla是一個連結消費者與土地的環保服裝品牌。其品牌的堅持來自於對有機棉料的一份執著,由設計到農田層面開始,都是用對環境和自然生態友好的天然面料來製作,以保持消費者的健康。mecilla品牌的誕生,其實建基於Mecilla 的農業實踐,盼望由農業與城市溝通的空白,讓消費者看到有機耕作的消費力,促進生態環境的平衡和擔負起社會責任。並透過減少農藥的使用,保護地下水的資源和生物多樣性,通過與生態系統的操作代替殺蟲劑在昆蟲和疾病控制中降低風險。




American Apparel



American Apparel is an ethical brand, which is the largest clothing manufacturer in the United States. It is a vertically integrated clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer that also perform its own design, advertising, and marketing. Moreover, it is well-known for producing T-shirts and casual wear. American Apparel is simple and stylish, with a unique characteristic.

For the sustainable development, American Apparel uses organic certified raw materials in order to reduce the damage to the environment. Compared to other brands, American Apparel allows customers mix and match, to create their own unique style. 

American Apparel是一個合乎道德的服裝品牌,是美國最大的服裝製造商。它是垂直整合的服裝製造商,批發商和零售商,也有自己的設計,廣告和營銷。另外,生產T恤和休閒服是眾所周知的。American Apparel的款式簡約時尚,具有獨特的特色。

對於可持續發展,American Apparel採用有機認證的原材料,以減少對環境的破壞。比較其他牌子,American Apparel讓消費者隨意混合搭配,創造自己獨一無二風格。

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