Trims, Labels, Packaging & Relabelling 品牌標籤, 包裝, 及換標籤服務




Eco-friendly Trims & Packaging

Hitprint offers environmentally friendly trims and accessories to complement your certified organic T-shirts. We provide poly bags, hang tags, heat-transfer labels and other trims and accessories according to OEKO TEX and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) standards. Biodegradable bags are also available. Please contact us at for further information and quotation.


Hitprint可以為你的有機服裝提供環保的輔料和包裝。我們可以提供符合OEKO TEX 和 GOTS 有機認証的塑料袋,吊牌,熱轉移嘜和其他輔料。生物降解塑料袋也可以提供。歡迎與我們聯系info@mecilla.com查詢和報價



Custom Packaging 

If you provide your custom shipping packaging, we will apply for you for free. 





Hang Tag Application

If you provide us hang tags, we can add them to your garments for free. 

If you would like us to provide custom hang tags, we can also separately quote for you depending on your requirements.





Branded Pack-in

A “pack-in” is an item you include with your shipments to promote your brand. A pack-in is usually an inexpensive, fun, promotional item like a flyer, a business card, or a pin. If you provide us pack-ins, we can add them to your shipment for free.





Custom Return Labels

Return label is necessary for returning of garments sent to a problematic address. If no custom return label is ordered, the default return address will be Hitprint’s Hong Kong office at Unit K, 10/F, North Tower, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong, OR Guangzhou office at 13 Ligang Rd, Haizhu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. If a custom return label is applied, you can have your own desired company name and address indicated on the return label, with only a small charge of HK$5 per garment for this printing and application service. If you provide your printed custom labels, we can apply them on the packaging for free.


如果沒有訂製回郵標籤,地址有問題時就會寄回給我們Hitprint的香港辦公室地址:香港新界葵涌葵順工業中心北座10 51-63貨櫃碼頭路,或國內辦工室地址:中國廣州市海珠區禮崗路13號香港服裝學院內405室。如果採用訂制的回郵標籤,你可以有你自己想要的公司名稱和地址在回郵標籤顯示,只收取少量費用為港幣$ 4。或自行提供回郵標籤,我們可免費為你加上


Individual Bagging 

We can insert each shirt into its own poly bag for free.





We can remove the manufacturers label or tag for a small charge - to be determined after assessing materials and existing labels. Please note that shirts with tear-away labels – they are easily taken off. However, for shirts without tear away labels – the labels are cut off. It isn’t a perfect process and there can be threads that can get loose from where the brand tag was cut.

We can also sew on your custom label or tag for a small charge - to be determined after assessing labelling placement and requirement. 





Neck Label can be sewn in two ways. 領口嘜有兩種方法車上。


Bottom label will be sewn this way. 腳這樣車上。


Tagless Label Application 

If you provide us heat transfers that can be applied via heat press we will add them to your shirts. 

If you would like us to provide custom heat transfer labels, we can also separately quote for you depending on your requirements. 


移印嘜是通過加熱加壓來應用,將它添加到您的衣服上。 如果您希望我們提供定制的移印嘜,我們也可以單獨根據您的要求報價為您服務。



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