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Who We Are 

Hitprint, based in Hong Kong and China, is a blank t-shirt wholesaler and custom printing producer, 100% owned by Mecilla Limited. We offer flexible (50-pc minimum), environmental friendly printing solutions on a range of organic, eco or conventional blanks at quick turnaround times and competitive prices.

In a mass market of printing where environmental and social concerns are often overlooked, Hitprint strives to bring sustainable clothing at a reasonable price, and an efficient production model based on zero waste. 

Specifically, our operations are characterized by the below aspects:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton blanks and fabrics
  • 3 days printing time (at the fastest)
  • Wide range of blank tees from US Gildan, Japan Printstar and many others
  • Worldwide shipping and e-fulfillment services

    The printing operation is backed up by a team of merchandisers and production who are specialists in eco-fabrics and manufacturing. 

    Our customers include corporations, apparel designers and even students.  Our flexible printing solutions and efficient shipping services have attracted customers worldwide.

    Hitprint is 100% owned by Mecilla Limited.



    在大眾市場上, 衣著的環保及社會的概念往往被忽略。Hitprint的任務是根據零廢棄及計算每件T恤的貢獻對健康造成的影響高度地把可持續發展的服飾和有效率的營運模式作為營運方針。再者, 每件T恤是由棉製造的, 這些棉都是我們親愛的農民所耕種的。我们希望,透过一件T恤, 改變這世界。


    •  獲GOTS有機棉認證白板T恤和布料
    •  最快3天數碼印花時間
    • 環球快遞和倉存服務
    • 致力發展農村


    Hitprint是Mecilla Limited 100%擁有.

    Our Farm / 我們的農莊


    Mecilla Limited, Hitprint’s holding company, started collaboration with Shanxi Yongji Farmers Association to explore the possibility of promoting the cultivation of organic cotton.
    Hitprint附屬公司Mecilla開始與山西永濟農民社區合作, 探索有機種植推廣的可能性。


    Mecilla Demonstration Farm was established. Mecilla practices agricultural research of ecological diversity of crops and communities together with communites expert.

    Inditex, the largest global fashion clothing holding company, in collaboration with Textile Exchange,sponsored Mecilla for a 3-year Organic Seed Development Project with Mecilla’s Demonstration Farm.

    Non-GMO cotton seeds were applied. Beyond 2016, this Project will enable 400-500 families in Yongji to grow non-GMO cotton.

    青年農場建立, Mecilla與社區的莊稼能手壹起實踐生態多樣性農業研究。

    Inditex是國際最大的時尚服裝控股公司, 在紡織交流協作方面, 贊助Mecilla在永濟的示範農場, 為期3年的有機種子發展項目。當中,非轉基因棉花種子進行了應用。

    2016年之後, 這個項目將使用400-500戶農田種植非轉基因棉花。


    Mecilla Shanxi Demonstration Farm received CERES certification.


    Community Name: Shanxi Yongji Puhan community

    Community scale: 35 villages

    Involved Farmers: 800 families

    Percentage of rural women: 43%

    Total cultivated area involved in the Mecilla

    porject in 2010: 2000 mu


    Expected pre-organic cotton per year: 17 tonnes

    Area that is certified organic in 2015: 200m 

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