Making sustainable clothing common. - Mecilla

Making sustainable clothing common. - Mecilla

Mecilla is an eco-fashion brand which connects customers with agricultural communities. Mecilla is made of organic cotton (or pre-organic cotton) and has Fairtrade options.

Its brand originates from the dedication to organic cotton. From farm to manufacturing level, it only uses natural fabrics which are eco-friendly to the environment and inspires consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle. The birth of the brand Mecilla is built upon agricultural practices of Mecilla, which is an organic cotton supply chain provider and promoter of bondage between the rural and the urban communities. Without applying any chemical pesticides, groundwater resources and biodiversity can be preserved and ecosystems can be operated in a way to control naturally the risks of insect and disease.

Mecilla's organic cottonseed T-shirt is one of featured products. It is made of 100% pre-organic cotton (pre-organic refers to farms in transition to organic farming), comfortable and highly permeable. It requires factories to wash the cotton incompletely in the spinning phase, leaving them small cottonseed particles, so that it can be naturally integrated into the texture of the yarn. It carries a soft and natural texture.

In terms of softness, permeability and comfort level, Mecilla outranks others. It can also nourish allergic skin. It is an ideal choice for people who value the importance of environmental friendliness and those who have sensitive skin.

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