Delivery Rates & Product Weights 快遞費用及衣服重量

Delivery  Pricing / 快遞價格

We do worldwide delivery. We are connected with a wide range of courier companies. All products and services prices appearing in HitPrint website do not include costs of shipping to you or your customers which shall be borne by you separately.

You may wish to check the rates using the pricing calculator of the courier service providers. Enter your destination and the estimate total weight of the garments and you will obtain an estimate of the courier fee. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Relations and we will check out for you.

所有在 Hitprint 網站的產品和服務價格, 不包括將貨物運送到您或您的客戶地址的費用,並應由您自行負擔。

如您想要查看快遞服務商的費用,可以使用快遞服務商的價格計算機。 輸入您的目的地, 預計的衣服總重量後,您將取得估算的快遞費用。 也請聯絡我們的客戶服務部職員及查詢您所需的資訊。 

For expedited courier service, we also support: 
以急速快遞服務 , 我們也支援 :

If you have other desired service provider, please let us know and we will confirm possibility of engaging it.

若您有其他想要的運送服務供應商 , 請讓我們聯絡並將會確認有關運送服務供應商。

Please note that we will not be held responsible for loss or damage of goods arising from shipping or delivery process. For your own protection, we recommend using recorded delivery to gain proof of delivery and / or a tracking number.

我們將不負責因運送過程遺失或損壞的商品。 為您自己的保護 , 我們建議您使用記錄運輸至獲得證明的運輸或追蹤號碼。




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