Woven labels / 編織標籤

Damask woven labels / 錦緞編織標籤

Damask woven labels are the most common type of woven labels which are made up of polyester yarns. Damask can weave fine details and is very soft.

We also have damask woven edge labels, which are made by needle loom.

錦緞編織標籤是最常見的由滌綸紗線所編織的標籤類型。 錦緞可以編織出較好的細節內容,而且非常柔軟。





Satin woven labels/  緞紋編織標籤

Satin woven labels are soft, smooth and shining. They are very popular labels. Taffeta is the most economical woven label and is priced lower than damask and satin.

We also do satin woven edge labels, which are made by needle loom.






Cotton woven labels / 棉編織標籤

Cotton woven labels are the softest woven labels. They are made up of cotton yarns and have natural looking. The text colours are optional but the background is fixed natural colour or black. The price is a little bit higher than other woven labels.

棉織標籤是最柔軟的編織標籤。 它們由棉紗製成,外觀自然。 文字的顏色是可選的,但背景則是固定的原色或黑色。 價格略高於其他編織標籤。





Style / 樣式

We supply woven labels with straight cut, end-fold, center fold and Mitre fold finish.



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