Embroidery 刺繡


Hitprint provides low cost, fast production and high quality embroidery services for almost all types of garments.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. We use an automated embroidery process by which a design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised sewing machine.

Perfect for logos it works best with block colours and bold artwork and isn’t really suited to tonal designs. It’s advantageous because it provides a very long lasting finish with no extra cost for multiple colours as price is determined by stitch count and size.

Why choose Embroidery?

  • Creates high-quality brand appearance
  • Perfect for use on all types of garments
  • Very reasonably priced
  • A great way to establish corporate identity
  • Produces a superb, high-quality finish

Creates a high-quality brand appearance

Embroidery is the perfect way to customize your staff's uniforms and creates excellent brand recognition. It uses a single color thread and stitches which re-create your design perfectly. This allows us to create an accurate representation of your brand or company logo.

Embroidery is an excellent technique as it's ideal for all types of garments from corporate clothing, uniforms, work wear and any other types of clothing you can think of. From large organisations to small businesses, clubs to individuals - embroidery is the perfect way to customize your clothing and ensure that your brand name and logo is represented perfectly.

Very reasonably priced

One of the main benefits of using embroidery is the low set up costs and the low cost of materials. This means that you can accurately represent your brand without having to spend a fortune to do so. The low cost of embroidery makes it ideal for start-up companies and large organisations with a large workforce.

A great way to establish corporate identity

It isn't just tops which can be embroidered to either if your company involves staff working on the field then you can also customize a wide range of different clothing and accessories such as fleeces, beanie hats, caps, coats, trousers - you name it we can embroider on it. This not only guarantees that all staff members are proudly wearing your companies logo - but wherever they go they're advertising your brand to the public.

Produces a super, high-quality finish

Embroidery is designed so that it always produces a high-quality finish. The stitching looks stylish and sophisticated while the accuracy in the completed embroidery also ensures that it stands the test of time.

We would like to provide clothing embroidery service which include the wave shirt, match shirts , T-shirts , POLO shirts, school uniforms , uniforms , clothing, towels, embroidered text and graphics .

Special attention for embroidery:

  • Generally, the size is not less than 1cm.
  • Word graphics, the words height minimum is recommended to be not less than In terms of the Chinese words, not suitable for too many strokes, too fine or the effect is not clear. Scribbled English is not suitable too.
  • Wide range of sizes, complex contents , messy and multi-color are inappropriate to do embroidery.

 Pricing depends on the embroidery graphic size, color and complexity.  If you would like to get the furnished quote price, please along with graphic document and pictorial information such as size, color, etc. to ask Hitprint to have further quote price.

PLEASE NOTE - it is very sometimes difficult to achieve exact replications of your designs & logos if they have lots of color tones and shading but we use the latest machinery to ensure the highest quality finish. Remember embroidery uses single color threads and stitches to re-create your design. We MUST see your logo or design in order to quote and confirm if it can be done.

Some designs may need slight modification before they can be embroidered. For example, small text below 4-5mm may need enlarging and designs with very fine detail may need simplifying to achieve the best finish. 


  • 建立高素質的品牌外觀

  • 最適合使用於各類型的衣服

  • 價格非常合理

  • 一種很好的方式去建立公司的身份

  • 生產超高質感




刺繡是一種極好的技術適合各類型的衣服,如公司衣服、制服及任何其他類型的衣服。從小型企業至大型機構、個人會所 - 刺繡是理想的方式來定製您的衣服並確保您的品牌名稱和標誌能清楚呈現。


其中一項主要優點, 刺繡是較低成本而材料價格相對較便宜。這意味著您可以清楚地表現您的品牌和標誌之餘也不用花太多金錢 。低成本的刺繡適合用於小型企業和大型機構 。


這不單只是表面的刺繡, 當中涉及公司的形象以及製定各種不同的衣服和服飾, 如羊毛衣, 帽子, 外套, 長褲等, 您同時也可製定名字。這不單只是保證您的員工能展示品牌形象及標誌, 同時也可為品牌作推廣讓大眾認識。


刺繡的設計使它永遠都會產生一種高質感。 縫紉造型時尚精緻而準確的完成刺繡也確保其代表測試的時間。



    • 尺寸大小一般都不能少於1cm。
    • 如圖檔為文字,建議文字高度最少為1cm,中文字方面,太多筆劃,太幼細或起角的字體有可能效果不太清晰。英文字方面潦草有可能效果不太清晰。
    • 如圖檔尺寸大範圍,內容複雜,散亂及多色都不合適用繡花。


    請注意 - 有時候非常困難準確地複製您的設計及標誌; 假如要求很多色調和陰影, 我們將使用最新的機器製作以確保優良的品質。記得刺繡是使用單一顏色和縫線來製作您的設計。我們必須看見您的標誌或設計才能報價及確認是否可以完成。

    刺繡之前, 有些設計可能需要輕微的修改。就小型的文字以毫米為例,可能需要擴大設計至非常細微為達到最佳成品。

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