Label Introduction / 標籤介紹

Hitprintasia provide 3 types of label. They are woven label, printed label and tagless label.

Hitprintasia 提供3種標籤訂製,分別是編織標籤印刷標籤移印標籤


Woven labels / 編織標籤

There are 3 types of woven labels

Damask woven labels / 錦緞編織標籤 :

Damask woven labels are the most common type of woven labels which are made up of polyester yarns. Damask can weave fine details and is very soft.

錦緞編織標籤是最常見的由滌綸紗線所編織的標籤類型。 錦緞可以編織出較好的細節內容,而且非常柔軟。


Satin woven labels/  緞紋編織標籤 :

Satin woven labels are soft, smooth and shining. They are very popular labels. Taffeta is the most economical woven label and is priced lower than damask and satin.




Cotton woven labels / 棉編織標籤 :

Cotton woven labels are the softest woven labels. They are made up of cotton yarns and have natural looking. The text colours are optional but the background is fixed natural colour or black. The price is a little bit higher than other woven labels.

棉織標籤是最柔軟的編織標籤。 它們由棉紗製成,外觀自然。 文字的顏色是可選的,但背景則是固定的原色或黑色。 價格略高於其他編織標籤。





Printed labels / 印刷標籤

There are 3 types of printed labels.

Printed nylon labels / 尼龍印刷標籤 : 

Printed nylon labels are very soft and suitable for custom logo labels, care instructions.




Printed cotton labels / 棉質印刷標籤 : 

Printed cotton labels have a natural looking. They can be dyed in any colours. The loop fold or end fold labels are recommended because the printed cotton labels will fray. They are popularly used for infant clothing.
棉質印刷標籤有自然的外觀。標籤可以被染成任何顏色。 建議使用環形折疊或末端折疊標籤,因為印刷的棉籤會磨損。 棉質印刷標籤通常用於嬰兒服裝。



Printed satin labels / 緞紋印刷標籤 : 

Printed satin labels can be heat cut, end folded or loop folded. They are heat sealed so they won't fray. The labels can be dyed in any colours. They are popularly used for infant clothing.
緞紋印刷標籤可以熱切,折疊或環形折疊。 它們是熱封的,因此不會磨損。 標籤可以染成任何顏色。 緞紋印刷標籤通常用於嬰兒服裝。





Style / 樣式

Whatever woven labels or printed labels, we supply with straight cut, end-fold, center fold and Mitre fold finish.




Tagless Label / 移印標籤


Tagless Label Application 

Tagless label application can be applied via heat press. If you would like us to provide custom heat transfer labels, we can also separately quote for you depending on your requirements.

In addition, the maximum size of tagless label is 9cm x 9cm.



另外,移印標籤的最大尺寸為9cm x 9cm。




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