E-commerce Inventory Management, Shipment Processing & Warehousing 電商倉儲配送服務

Hitprint provides professional fulfillment, inventory management, order and shipment processing, and warehousing services to support your e-commerce business. 

Account set up

  1. You pre-pay deposit to open an e-commerce fulfillment service account (HK$2000)
  2. You receive a user name and password by e-mail


  1. You log in to Peach Tree Inventory System and enter all your inventory goods by SKU
  2. You send inventory goods by courier with a packing list (see sample)
  3. We will shelve the goods in our warehouse
  4. We will enter the inventory goods in Peach Tree Inventory System according to the packing list

 Order processing and shipping

  1. You send us an instruction order by e-mail with Invoice, Return slip, Shipping Label and completed Courier Form to be sent to your client (see sample)
  2. We print your Invoice, Return Slip, Shipping Labels and completed Courier Form (all provided by you)
  3. We pick & pack the order 
  4. Advise you when the order is ready for collection by your courier provider
  5. You advise your courier service provider to collect the goods from our warehouse
  6. Advise you when the goods are collected 
  7. We will make changes to the Peach Tree Inventory System after the goods are collected

After shipping

  1. You review Inventory Reports from Peach Tree for any necessary replenishment
  2. We will send you our invoice and Inventory activity summary on the first day of each month 
  3. Please check invoice and settle the payment 


Hitprint 提供專業倉儲配送服務以支援您的電子商務企業。


  1. 您預先支付存款即可開啟電子商務倉儲配送服務帳戶 ( 港幣$ 2000 )
  2. 您將在電子郵件中收到的使用者名稱和密碼


  1. 您登入Peach Tree目錄系統後, 並根據最少儲貨單位(SKU)輸入所有的倉儲商品
  2. 您傳送庫存的運送公司的包裝清單 (請參閱範例)
  3. 我們將會把商品資料放在我們的倉庫
  4. 我們會根據裝箱清單, 輸入的庫存商品在Peach Tree目錄系統


  1. 您傳送給我們的指示能透過電子郵件傳送, 如發票、退貨單、出貨標籤和完成貨運服務單等 (請參閱範例)
  2. 我們列印您的發票、退貨單、出貨標籤和完成快遞單 (所有的由您提供)
  3. 我們會包裝已訂貨物
  4. 當訂單已準備好收集, 我們建您提供您的送遞資料, 以確保安全運送
  5. 建議您把商品收集
  6. 收集的商品,我們將會在Peach Tree目錄系統內更改


  1. 如有任何需要補充, 可從Peach Tree目錄系統中查閱存貨資料
  2. 我們將在每個月的第一日郵寄我們的發票和庫存活動摘要給您
  3. 請檢查發票並付款

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