Who We Are 

Hitprint, based in Hong Kong and China, is a blank t-shirt wholesaler and custom printing producer. We offer flexible (1-pc minimum), environmental friendly printing solutions on a range of organic, eco or conventional blanks at quick turnaround times and competitive prices.

In a mass market of printing where environmental and social concerns are often overlooked, Hitprint strives to bring sustainable clothing at a reasonable price, and an efficient production model based on zero waste. 

Specifically, our operations are characterized by the below aspects:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton blanks and fabrics
  • 3 days printing time (at the fastest)
  • Wide range of blank tees from US Gildan and Japan Printstar
  • Worldwide shipping and e-fulfillment services

    The printing operation is backed up by a team of merchandisers and production who are specialists in eco-fabrics and manufacturing. 



    在大眾市場上衣著的環保及社會的概念往往被忽略。Hitprint的任務是根據零廢棄及計算每件T恤的貢獻對健康造成的影響高度地把可持續發展的服飾和有效率的營運模式作為營運方針。再者每件T恤是由棉製造的這些棉都是我們親愛的農民所耕種的。我们希望,透过一件T恤, 改變這世界。


    •  獲GOTS有機棉認證白板T恤和布料
    •  最快3天數碼印花時間
    • 環球快遞和倉存服務
    • 致力發展農村



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